5 things Ebuka said about BBNaija in his Beat FM interview

During his interview, Toolz‘s Midday Show on Beat FM cleared up many misconceptions about the show and the recent reunion show.

These are five things he said in the interview.

Ebuka said the ongoing Twitter ban in Nigeria has affected the show because they are not getting instant feedback.

Oh yes, it has, because people are still watching because Multichoice has the viewers but what is missing is the instant feedback,” he said.

In one of the highlights of the just-concluded reunion episodes, Lockdown housemates Lucy and Kaisha got into a fight.

Although the fight was not air, Ebuka confirmed that it did happen and that the girls ruined his shoes during the scuffle.

They ruined my shoe that day; I’m actually upset,” the host said.

“I’m actually happy they didn’t air the fight. I actually fell on the floor trying to avoid it.

At the reunion, there was a lot of carry-over beef from the show, and Ebuka believes that this edition had the least reconciliation.

This year, a lot of people came and vented and still left probably even angry,” Ebuka said.

Just Erica and Wathoni, I can’t remember any other one (who reconciled). There were very few moments and I think it was only Ozo and Prince who had some conversation off air. there was a handshake at some point.”

“In the past you would have one or two or have those very intense fanbases who would go back and forth at each other on social media, this year there are probably five or six,” Ebuka said.

Ebuka is frustrated with his family-wife and children-being attacked by fans.

As the host of BB Naija, fans have often accused Ebuka of influencing some decisions. Even more ridiculous, fans have accused his wife and close associates of having some influence.

The host cleared it up during the interview.

There are four companies that run Big brother, Endemol, a Dutch company, there is Multichoice, there is MNET Nigeria, there’s Red Pepper Pictures which is the production company, that is four companies,” the host told Toolz.

Nothing happens on that show without the approval of these people, and then my wife is the one who runs the show? I find it so weird that people believe these things.

Asked about the most ridiculous rumour of him on the show, he mentioned the stories that linked him with Double Wahala housemate Ceec.

There were fake stories of Ebuka and Ceec being connected. Some said they were exes, and others said they were in-laws. Both are not related in any way.

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