BBNaijaReunion: Lucy, Kaisha come to blows in new episode

In case you missed the exciting catfight and some theatrical moments from Ka3na, never mind, we have got you covered. Here are the highlights:

The boss lady gave a lengthy and drama infused speech about why she chose to unfollow the housemates. She cited the fact that she did not stay long enough in the house to bond and was surprised to find out that a majority of the housemates did not like her personality.

Housemates WathoniPraise and Tochi felt differently and called Ka3na out for being possessive and unfollowing housemates she felt were cool with Nengi.

Going forward, throwing pillows might not be the best way for housemates to express their anger as clearly, some are not as well-mannered as Vee. Take Lucy for instance.

The night took a surprising turn when Kaisha threw a pillow at Lucy for addressing an incident involving her mother and Ka3na. The audience managed to witness Lucy deliver an energetic swing that landed squarely on Kaisha’s face before the scene was unceremoniously cut. No thanks to Kayode!

In and out of the house, Ka3na and Lucy appeared to have had an enviable bond. It turns out things went south quickly for the ladies. Amid tears, Ka3na explained that she ended the friendship because Lucy was showed signs of unloyalty by befriending Nengi.

Ka3na and Tochi got into a weird argument, probably one of the most confusing since the show kicked off, over Ka3na’s choice to unfollow the housemates. As much as we tried to make sense of it, we could only grasp that Tochi who repeatedly claimed not to be interested in Ka3na’s life, cared enough to follow her tweets.

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