You were created with difference to prove uniqueness that delivers importance.

And this is what I’m going to be building on.

I like to be very practical so hear this. If I behave like Lisha because he’s cool and has this perfect tinge of savagery that makes his nature beautiful. Then I’m becoming like Lisha and I just may become good behaving like Lisha but when Lisha is around, people wouldn’t pay me attention cos I’m his fake version, and you’ll agree everyone prefers the original.

I cannot behave like smile just because his sarcasm is one hell of a gift mix. I love him for it, yeah but as good as it should get.

I cannot behave like Liam because he has this awesome way of speaking and lightening your mind in so petty a way, you hardly realize you were being taught a serious deal in life.

I cannot behave like Thompson because he is one pretty mix of a serious mind and savagery, he can manage to be serious and playful at the same time.

I cannot behave like Etinosa because he is effortlessly super funny and can drive a convo for a whole week without you feeling hungry. He’s that fun to be with!

They are all cool but that just isn’t enough for me to pattern my life like theirs. Why? Cos I am my own unique thing and just like I envy them, a million out there too would envy me if only I can groom my own unique thing and be my own man.

     Well this is my own life. Everybody has this; you have friends around, you envy for one thing or the other, you may feel ‘oh if my life was like that person it would be so perfect’ but I’m telling you right now it would be far from perfect.

My friend @victorsjournal on Instagram quoted don’t be out there living your best lie.

I agree, if you pattern your life like someone else you would out there living a lie, maybe the best of it but there is no joy in that, in the long run.

Do not put yourself in the shadow of someone else trying to live their life. Your beauty is in you standing out, being yourself. Your life doesn’t suck, you are simply too lazy to groom it to the standard it is supposed to be. You are not giving it attention enough. You are diverting your energy envying someone else life and its pathetic you then try to impose their features on yourself.

You murder the uniqueness in you, take a knife and stab her in the back. You leave her to rot in loneliness while you concentrate on being some person devout fan. You then become a jam-packed project case, trying to pattern your life like every cool person in your life.  It really is a messy situation.

Enough being the fan, up your game, become the celebrity.

Enough scrambling for autographs, become the one holding the pen.

You deserve some claps too. You deserve for your name to be chanted. You deserve the world and back. But life is cruel and it takes a dedicated, mad human with fierceness and wit. In my words; a Success Thug.

Become the standard God designed you to be and save yourself the whole drama. 

Written by: Apetu Ezekielson Contact: 07033474198

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