BEAST mode your way to success this week. Break the human, sleep, eat, play and all-fun law, Be BEAST pleaassee. I want to see you shine. Don’t you get it? you Must Succeed! We die here today. Normal don’t ever make it. Ever!

I hear people give comments like “Oh, he’ s just so ordinary” or “He’s stale, nothing new, just the regular daily routine” or “There’s nothing to him, common, we see this everyday on Tv, the streets, newspaper” or “I’m bored” or “He’s not crazy enough, he’s bad business”

My point really “You try to be normal and nobody will invest in you. You will go hungry dear” and that’s not an easy task.

We live in a bored world. She’s been around since Adam BEFORE ADAM. That’s a whole lot of years, so if you are going to do something to shake her, it has to be BAD. Only dedicated non human beings reach that level. if you think i’m lying, check History!

Thomas Edison wasn’t normal, with those insane number of trials and errors. Michael Jackson wasn’t normal with the number of hours he put into practice.

Serena isn’t either. Mike Tyson isn’t. Then why should you? WHY SHOULD YOU?

Do you want to die ordinary?

Do you want to average all your life?

Then why will you be sleeping 8 hours straight? It just doesn’t cut it.

That’s what the Human keep-fit law says but Success is speaking another language. Success is spitting a whole other vibe.

See this, Success is saying “Let your dream define your sleep time, your wake time, your eat time, your play time, your party time, your everything time” she is saying “let me draft your time table. let me rule the every second in your 24 hours.” Aaaaarrgggghhhh BEAST!

That way, you stay on top of your game, you stay with your hands on the trigger of that AK 2/47 to blow up every failure tendencies flying towards you.

That’s how you BEAST mode you way to the top.

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