BBNaija Reunion Update

The audience had Kaisha to thank for some of the episode’s action with her account of her situationship with Neo in the house. In case you missed it, check out the highlights:

Wathoni’s angle of her love triangles while in the house did not change much in this episode but got even muddier with the introduction of Kiddwaya. While the housemates swore they saw hints of attraction from Wathoni, she vehemently denied citing his playboy personality as a deterrent.

Things heated up, unexpectedly, between Tochi and Wathoni when she accused Kiddwaya of describing her as an ‘easy catch’ in a conversation with Tochi.

Between Kiddwaya and Nengi, all that happened in the house was their way of expressing friendship albeit alcohol made things a little murky like the bathroom corridor clip.

The infamous video of Nengi and Kiddwaya whispering by the bathroom with her zipper down raised eyebrows especially Ozo’s. When asked what he thought about the moment, he admitted he felt confused but chose to believe his crush. Neither Nengi nor Kiddwaya could remember much of what was whispered or how they got there. Safe to say that it must have been a cruel game by drunken Cupid.

Vee and Neo’s relationship got major blows last night following Kaisha’s surprising revelation that Neo made several moves at her in the house including a time he asked her to kiss him.

Things got a little intense between the two (enough for Kaisha to walk out of the set) as Neo vehemently denied making any moves at her. He did admit that she was attracted to him but he was more into Vee.

The former lovebirds were the first to really hit our awww buttons on the show. It turns out the romance ended shortly after their eviction no thanks to a comment Lilo made accusing Eric of ‘taking advantage of her’.

Eric revealed that he tried to reach out to her after his eviction but hit a defensive wall marinated with some diva behavior.

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