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“Shade, you are a hard working lady but management is not pleased with you”. This report was shocking news to Shade, considering she had just delivered on a project that everyone declined because of its complexity and worse, short delivery time line.

Shade had been tagged “A crazy deliverer” or “The Deliverer”. She earned that name for her doggedness. She didn’t know how to say NO. Shade could take up two or three projects at a time.

The task

On this particular task, she was to build an exhibition booth with a complex design and delivery date was in one week. Everyone gave an excuse that they were all busy and couldn’t take up another project. The project brief eventually landed on Shade’s table. Shade was advised by the Business Director to send the client away with cost and other means. She acted as instructed by inflating the invoice but the client wasn’t moved or scared by that, instead, they negotiated for a 10% discount, Shade told them they could only do 5% which they also agreed to. This client was not ready to back down, they want to make an appearance in this year’s exhibition and a big appearance at that.

Deal closed!

Shade closed the deal. From her estimate the company should  make a very reasonable profit of about 150% for a one week project! She commenced plans for the project with her production team and partially put her ongoing projects on hold for 6 days and they commenced production.

She raised her budget and took it straight to the Business director for approval. He was shocked and asked “Shade why she took up the crazy project?” she reminded him “our company is a 460 degree company, we can’t back down else the client, who is approaching us for the first time will be disappointed with the organization”. The MD secretly admired Shade’s courage and can do spirit. “That’s why I brought the budget myself for approval and not audit, because I don’t want protocol slowing me down” she quickly added.

Budget approved

Funds released, Work commenced! She engaged external artisans to make the work move faster. She grouped them into 3 teams; those who worked on the Exhibition ground, those who worked inside fabricating the exhibition props and those who will work night duty and that’s how she was able to pull through.

Delivery problem

A day before the installation on site, Shade fell ill with a terrible stomach bug. She called her HOD that morning to help her get someone supervise the installation but she got a shocking response “Shade I am sorry I can’t help you, you started this, come and finish it! No other project teams know the level at which  the project has reached.  Installation is today and the exhibition starts tomorrow so please get a taxi to bring you here so you can finish what you started. I sincerely hope you don’t bring embarrassment to the company by not delivering, not after the amount of money paid. We warned you not to take up this project remember” with that she ended the call.


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