Man arrested for allegedly defiling three of his cousins aged, 10, 6 and 4 years old

A woman Identified as Mrs. Delight has cried out after her brother-in-law, Mr. Michael defiled her 11-year-old daughter.

According to Chritsianah Fate Foundation who rescued the little girl and facilitated the arrest of the man, the little girl was given out by her mom to her brother-in-law who promised to send her school. Mr. Michael didn’t keep his promise but instead defiled the little girl.

Investigations revealed that Mr. Michael defiled the 11-year-old girl and also three of his cousins aged 10, 6 and 4years old.

Mr Michael, however, denied the allegations. Narrating what happened the NGO said;

Mrs. Delight, a single mum, called our helpline on the 15th of April and reported that her 11year old daughter,”Jenny” (Not real name) has been defiled by her brother in law. She couldn’t afford to send the child to school and since the brother in law said he needed assistance for his mum who lives in Ikorodu and also promised to send the girl to school, she released her daughter to them in Oct 2017. The girl, however, was not enrolled in any school.

The girl came home on vacation and informed the mum about Mr. Michael’s actions. Mr Michael worked in Festac and comes to Ikorodu every weekend. Each weekend, he would trap the girl and try to force his manhood into her, and according to “Jenny” , he would “pour something white on the floor” and then leave her alone. Saturday and Sunday each weekend, he would do the same. He would tell her that her 10year old cousin ” Lina” (Not real name) is more cooperative than she is, that her vagina is already open, and she begs him for it everyday.”Lina”, is his wife’s niece. ( Mr. Michael lives in Oshodi with his wife’s brother from Monday to Friday, and returns to Ikorodu on weekends.) He sleeps in the sitting room with the 3 daughters of the man. 10, 6 and 4year old
According to the 11year old girl “Jenny”, Mr. Michael eventually penetrated her sometime in December.

My colleague, Miss Ore Adebiyi of Ben Bruce Foundation, devised a means of getting Mr Michael arrested since it proven difficult to track him down. She tricked Mr. Michael into coming for a fake job in Victoria Island and got policemen from Adeniji Adele to pick him up. He vehemently denied the allegation and even threatened to sue us if he’s found innocent. He also asked for a DNA test. He was quite full of himself. He bragged that if he had inserted his “6 inches penis into her, she wouldn’t be able to walk for a week!” We took the 11-year-old girl to Mirabel Center where it was confirmed that there has been Penetration, and the girl had an STD. My team and I arranged to pick the other girl “Lina” from Oshodi, on second thought, we decided to pick the other two sisters, 6 and 4 , and a 6year old neighbour who it was reported has also been defiled by Mr Michael. Upon examination at Mirabel Center, it was discovered that Mr Michael has sexually penetrated all 4 cousins aged 11,10,6 and 4years old . He had concentrated on the 4year old’s anus and there was an expansion. He was first arraigned in court on the 17th April at Tinubu Magistrate Court 3 – His case has been adjourned to today the 9th of May.

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