This is a sad story

One I don’t like sharing but I am duty bound as someone needs to see this

.   .   .

    Beautiful is an understatement for this one human.

Long legs and perfect curves,

Her eyes and smile are so dazzling it can steal your breath away,

Her voice could send shivers skittering down your spine,

She is no doubt the most beautiful in this side of the world,

To top it all she is a straight ‘A’ student.

You can imagine the world that revolves around a young, pretty and smart teenage girl.

But as it was, Morenike was a girl upholding every law and quality of a born again Christian.

Focused and dedicated to her dreams and visions.

A very rare commodity.

But I guess life is in twists incomprehensible,

And this twists happen to twirl around Morenike’s life.

.   .   .      

    Daniel on the other hand is a hard cruel jerk.

Tall, huge with a face smooth and calm like the moon’s dim light,

You can say that he’s a stunning beauty.

He has this intimidating look notwithstanding,

You know? Big muscles and all of that,

So he bullies everyone unfortunate enough to come his way.

You see, Morenike hated him.

And I guess that’s the more reason, she was upset they were tagged together for a project.

.   .   .

      Talking to him became inevitable,

They had to meet in school, at home, in the café.

Spending that much time with him,

She came to realize Daniel isn’t that big bad monster everyone thought him to be.

He had his odds, hell yeah, very ugly odds,

But nothing love couldn’t fix,

Flip the coin and you’ll meet a side like glistening gold without blemish.

Honestly he is a sweet, and caring guy.

Funny! He understood her better than anyone,

He helped solve her problems,

He could see the faintest frown behind her widest smile,

He couldn’t accommodate even the tiniest trace of worry,

He was a perfect prince charming. Her perfect prince charming.

.   .   .

         It’s funny don’t you think?

Falling in love with someone you once so hated.

Boys ask her out every now and then,

And her answer is always a straight NO. Pretty strict lady.

But you see Daniel was different,

He made her feel special. He knew the trick behind her every puzzle,

He had just ask her out and she was so confused,

She thought about God and all his laws for a moment,

But, then again, she was a teen in her prime,

A girl with needs and urges.

So she agreed to date him,

And dumped God with the broken heart.

Love so strong it disobeyed the voice of God

.   .   .

     Morenike’s life changed completely.

She wanted so much to please her new boyfriend,

They shared every little secret, spent every passing second possible together,

And every moment was precious,

She loved him so much, she let him touch just anywhere.

Soon they made way to his bed not once, not twice, over and over again.

And it was honestly beautiful in its own unique way,

Until Pro 14:12 came in, in his cold harsh heart with a sword in his hands,

Unfortunately no breach of God’s laws ends with an happily ever after.

So a little tear brought down her walls.

.   .   .

    Morenike was confirmed pregnant.

Oh Daniel loved her so much,

But he couldn’t bear being a father at twenty,

With tears drowning his eyes he denied her.

“You promised me forever” she wailed out in rage, tears burning the depth of her eyes,

“I can’t be a father. Not now!” He replied.

She felt so broken, so lost, so betrayed.

She couldn’t withstand facing her friends, her family, the school, the church,

People who looked up to her.

Her once perfectly flat tummy was to become plump in just a few months. “Never”

“Lord forgive me” she said looking up to heaven as she led the knife through her womb

    I once knew a girl, a charmer, a woman with bright dreams and a future with glitters

Now I know a girl lying in the grave with unfulfilled dreams.

A wasted life, and a broken generation

Think About It!

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