Movies to see in July

Black widow (July 9, Theatres): We have seen Natasha Romanoff evolve from assassin to spy to avenger and for the first time in all her appearances in the MCU Natasha is the daughter and sister who has finally returned home. Originally slated for release in mid-2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic that halted major movie screenings Black widow had to be delayed. But with the new teasers and trailers released in the last months leading to July 9th, it’s safe to say the experience is worth the wait.

The Tomorrow War (July 2 Amazon Prime video): Natasha is not the only avenger we’ll be catching a glimpse of this summer as Chris Pratt takes a lead role in this sci-fi dystopian movie. Produced by Skydance studio(The Old Guard, Terminator: Dark fate, Mission Impossible), ‘Tomorrow War’ promises to deliver an action-packed experience not just entailing CGI’s and green screen pictures but also sprinkles fatherhood.

Space Jam: A New Legacy (July 16, HBO Max): NBA star LeBron James takes his basketball mastery into animation once again since ‘The LeBrons of 2011.

Space Jam2 is adapted from the original 1996 Production and the looney tunes series. LeBron has to take on an elite AI-powered team in a ruthless game of basketball to save his hot-headed teenage son.

The Boss Baby 2: Family Business (July 2 Peacock, Theatres)Kid-friendly, Heartwarming, and Funny are few words to describe ‘The Boss Baby (2017) and 3years after; it makes a grand return. This time, with our darling brothers as grown-ups still hilariously squabbling as they strengthen their bond along this adventurous plotline.

Troll hunters: the rise of the titans (July 21 Netflix): Heading straight to Netflix From visionary filmmaker ‘Guillermo Del Toro’, A surprising team of heroes must unite to dominate a certain magical force that threatens their existence.

Gunpowder milkshake (July 14 Netflix): Navot Papushado in his English feature debut assembles Karen Gillan, Carla Gugino, Michelle Yeoh, Angela Bassett, Paul Giamatti & Game of Thrones Lena Headley starring in this female centered action-thriller.

Hotel transylvania4 (July 23, Theatres): Hotel Transylvania takes an interesting turn in the 4th part as Van Helsing’s mysterious new invention transforms Drac and his monster pals into humans.

Jungle Cruise (July 30 Disney+): In a quest to make a groundbreaking discovery that will change the future of medicine, Dr Lily Houghton(Emily Blunt) enlists the help of Frank (Dwayne Johnson) to search for an ancient tree in an enchanted jungle.



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