With all due respect,

I disrespect the rules set.

I feel like a sun, no matter how hard I shine,

I’ve got to set.

Who I am? And who I want to be cannot connect.

Mom says “I want to be proud of you”

Dad says “I want to see my own son in you”

They forget it’s my life. That’s right!

Y’all can be proud of me, and I’m not proud of me.

How about that?

There’s a piece of me I want to share,

Hiding deep down in here.

But I fear,

for there’s a piece of you judging me in there,

So I act like I’m fine with things around here,

But I’m choking, there’s no air in here,

It’s a one-way street, down to hell.

“Good boys go to heaven” mom says,

“Bad boys go to hell”

Well, wild boys stay anywhere,

And I’d rather be anywhere than here.

They ask me “what do you want to be in the future?”

Like I’m the one who makes the decision,

Like I call the shots.

I’m the one with the gun,

But I feel like I’m being pointed at.

As a matter of fact, let’s cut the crap,

Whoever said I wanted a white collar job.

I’m tired of being the cub,

I want to hunt.

I’m tired of being taught,

Let me pull my own stunt.

If I want to dance, let me dance.

If I want to sing, let me sing.

Don’t you understand?

This is my thing.

Give me one shot for my pains (gulps)

Can I have a drag of that?

These rules drive me insane,

So like Moses with the tablet, smash.

I’ll break the rules, crash.

No one should pray for me,

No don’t wait for me.

I’ve decided to have it my way.

My complexity itself is complex.

Writer: Liam Daniel

IG Handle: iam_liam_


Poem Cover Design: Apetu Ezekielson

IG Handle: ezekielson_ink


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