Popular Itsekiri Names And Their Meanings

Itsekiri names are the traditional Nigerian names of the Itsekiri people. Find out more about the Itsekiri names and meaning if you are looking for a name for your child or just want to learn something new about your culture.

Here, you can find names for girls and boys, as well as unisex names. Itsekiri names for girls For some reason, there are not that many Itsekiri names for girls out there.

Nevertheless, here are the top seven names for girls in Itsekiri language.

The names in the brackets signify the short forms of the names, if those are available.

Alero — Female firstborn

Besida (Besi) — As destiny dictates/decides

Dolor — Money

Ebeji — Twins

Orighomisan (Misan) — My head is good

Toritsefe (Tofe) — What God wants

Urowoli (Woli) — Softness has come in


Itsekiri names for boys If you are looking for a boy’s name in Itsekiri, there are slightly more options than for girls. Here they are:

Agbeyegbe — You do not live forever

Agboghoroma (Roma/Ogho) — You cannot buy a child with money

Arenyeka (Yeka) — You cannot walk the universe

Arueyingho (Eyingho) — Think about your future

Asorkpinmi (Aso) — I am tired of criticism

Atigbinolaye (Atigbin) — Remember who helped you

Atigbioritse (Itse) — Remember God

Atsegbaghan (Aghan) — Give them help

Edema — Gentleman

Edemadiden (Diden/Edema) — Gentleman with light skin

Edemadudun (Dudun/Edema) — Gentleman with dark skin

Edematie (Edema) — Small gentleman

Edonmi (Edon) — This does not hurt me

Jirinrgho (Jirin) — Watch patiently

Mene — First

Ofoeghareno (Ofeno) — Our elders speak the words of wisdom

Ofortokun (Otokun) — Nobody listens to poor men

Okorodudun (Okoro/Dudun) — Black guy

Okorotie (Okotie) — Small guy

Omatseye (Tseye) — Child is life

Toghanranrose (Toghanro) — Our enemies’ plans have failed

Towuaghantse — You act the way you want

Ukuedojor (Ojor/Uku) — Death has no day

Ukuemene (Kumene) — Death knows nothing of us


Unisex Itsekiri names and meanings

Most of the names in Itsekiri are unisex, so you can choose any of these names for your child, no matter what their gender is. Check them out:

Abidemi (Demi) — A child that was born before the arrival of grandparents or the father

Aboyowa (Oyo) — Child that brings joy

Abugewa — The one that came with exuberance

Ajemigbitse (Ogbitse) — Bless me

Ajuremisan (Misan) — The light of my stars

Amajuoritse (Ama/Amaju) — We cannot know more than God

Amejuma (Ama) — No one knows tomorrow

Amorighoye (Amoris) — Nobody knows who will be wearing the crown

Aninoritse (Ani) — God’s compassion

Anirejuoritse (Ani) — You cannot be wiser than the Lord

Anomuoghanran (Anomu) — My enemies are shamed

Ariegbeomah (Oma) — A unique child

Ayirioritse (Ayiri) — You should praise God

Ayonuwe (Ayo) — The blessing of today

Babaludewa (Oludewa) — The reincarnation of Our Father

Bioritsegiowatse (Watse) — It will be the way God has said

Ebiekutan (Ebietan) — You will always have your family

Ebieshuwa (Shuwa) — Family is fortune

Ebisanjuwa (Ebisan) — Family is more than fortune

Ebitomi (Tomi/Ebito) — I have a good relationship with my family

Ebiyon (Ebi) — It is a pleasure to have a family

Eburajolomisan (Jolomi) — Our ancient gods made me good

Ejueyetsegbemi (Ejuaye) — Do me a favour

Ejueyitchiegbemi (Ejuetchi) — Leave it to me

Ereofooluwa (Ofoluwa) — God’s word is fulfilling

Esigbone (Gbone) — The law of the people

Esijolomisan (Misan/Jolomi) — I am moving in the direction of prosperity

Eworitsemogha (Ewos) — I am in Lord’s hands

Eyeoyibo (Oyibo) — European life

Eyewumi (Eyewu/Wumi) — I love life

Eyimofe (Mofe) — This is what I want

Eyituoyo (Tuoyo) — This is enough to be happy

Fregene — Unstained, clean

Gbeneniabichie (Echie/Nebi) — Make me a part of your family

Kenekueyero (Kene/Eyero) — Each one has their own life

Madamedon (Edon) — Do not let me be scared

Megbuliofor (Megbuli) — Do not hold on to words

Mogbeyitsereje (Mogbeyi) — I will take it as my reward

Monoyo (Oyo/Noyo) — I am full of happiness

Monoyooritse (Oyo/Noyo/Oritse) — I am full of God’s joy

Nnoli (Noli) — Homey

Nobioritse (Nobi) — In the presence of the Lord

Nonekone (Kone/None) — Anyone

Odeli — Home guard

Ofeoritse (Ofe) — The gift from the Lord

Ofoluwafo (Ofo/Oluwa/Wafo) — God’s words

Oforitseno (Ofor/Eno) — Lord’s word will definitely happen

Oforkpimi (Ofor) — I am tired of complaining

Ofosanren (Osan/Ofosan) — We have reached an agreement

Ogbaghankomi (Ogban/Komi) — They have taught me to be smart

Ogharaerumi (Ara/Rumi) — I make my enemies jealous

Ogharandukun (Ukun) — From now on, we are friends

Ogungbemi (Ogbemi/Ogun) — Protected by the God of War

Ojobon (Obon) – Name for a child born on Market day

Okan — First

Okpetoritse (Toritse/Okpe) — Glory belongs to the Lord

Oludewa (Olude) — Lord came back

Olumagin (Olu) — The king knows

Omademi (Ode/Odemi/Demi) — A child born upon father’s return

Omadoye (Odoye) — A child that has become royalty

Omaejemite (Majemite) — Do not bring dishonour upon me

Omagbemi (Ogbemi) — My child protects me

Omaghomi (Ghomi) — My child is going to look after me

Omamara — I am used to it

Omamofe (Mofe) — It is the child I have been looking for

Omasan — Good child

Omatsola (Tsola) — This child is life

Omatsuli (Tsuli) — The child is what makes a home

Omawumi (Owumi/Wumi) — I love children

Omereyon (Oyon/Omere) — Brotherly love

Ometie (TieTie) — A small child

Onetoritsebawoete (Ete/Bawo) — Who goes with the Lord cannot be shamed

Oritsebemigho (Bemigho) — God watch over them

Oritsedere (Dere) — Lord’s rest

Oritsedumi (Dumi) — God has healed me

Oritsegbegbemi (Oris/Egbegbe/Gbemi) — God has not forsaken me

Oritsegbeyiwa (Ogbeyi) — Lord brought this

Oritsegbubemi (Gbubemi) — Lord answered my prayers

Oritsejafor (Oritseje) — Lord let us speak

Oritsejedeoneyor (Eneyor/Oneyor/Oritseje) — Lord has granted us exultation

Oritsejemibobale (Jemi/Obale) — May the lord let me reach old age

Oritsejeminetemi (Temi/Jemine/Mine) — May the lord give me what is mine

Oritsejolomi (Jolomi) — God fixed me

Oritsejolomisan (Misan/Jolomi) — God made me better

Oritsejurenmisan (Uremisan) — Lord let my star shine

Oritsematosan (Tosan) — Lord knows best

Oritsemaundede (Oritsema/Dede) — Lord knows all

Oritsemeyiwa (Meyiwa) — Brought by the Lord

Oritsemodupe (Dupe) — God I am grateful

Oritsemoyowa (Oyowa/Moyo) — Joy from the Lord

Oritseretseoluwa (Sowa/Seoluwa) — God is my king

Oritsetimeyin (Timeyin/Oti) — God has my back

Oritsetsemaye (Tsemaye) — I am in God’s favour

Oritsetsolaye (Laye/Sola/Oritselaye) — Lord grants us favours

Oritseweyinmi (Weyinmi) — God is with me

Oritsewinor (Winor) — There is the Lord

Oritsuwa (Suwa) — God of Wealth

Osandatuwa (Uwa/Osan) — Return of the favour

Otokuefor — Poor men’s words are worthless

Otone (One) — Someone’s child

Otumara — It calms me down

Oyomere (Omere) — Love between brothers

Temisanren (Misan/Temi) — I have earned a favour Temituoyo

(Tuoyo/Temi) — What I have is enough to be happy

Toritseju (Toju) — The will of God is supreme

Toritsemotse (Toritse/Motse/Itse) — I am from God

Tosanwumi (Wumi/Tosan) — I have a love for nice things

Tunokanrin (Tunoka) — Different one

Ukuebami (Uku/Ebami) — Death could not get to me

Ukumakpene (Ene/Uku) — Death cannot kill me

Utseoritselaju (Laju) — Lord’s work is incredible

Utseoritsenere (Nere) — Lord’s work brings gain


Obviously, these are not all of the Itsekiri names that exist. If you want to learn about the other names or contribute a name that you know, visit the website ngr.ng/itsekiri-names for more information. We hope you have found what you were looking for. Have a nice day!


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