Questions to ask on your first date

1. What’s Your Favorite Thing To Do In Your Free Time?


2. Who Is The Most Fascinating Person You’ve Ever Met?


3. What Are Some Movies You Really Enjoyed?


4. What Are You Kind Of Obsessed With These Days?


5. What TV Series Do You Keep Coming Back To And Re-Watching?


6. What Hobbies Would You Like To Get Into If You Had The Time And Money?


7. Among Your Friends, What Are You Best Known For?


8. What Music Artist Do You Never Get Tired Of?


9. What Do You Like But Are Kind Of Embarrassed To Admit?


10. If You Could Go Back In Time As An Observer, No One Could See You, And You Couldn’t Interact With Anything, When Would You Want To Go Back To?


11. What’s The Silliest Fear You Have?


12. What’s Your Favorite App On Your Phone?


13. What Country Do You Want To Visit?


14. What TV Shows Did You Watch When You Were A Kid?


15. What’s Your Favorite Thing To Do Outdoors & Indoors?


16. What’s The Most Spontaneous Thing You’ve Done?


17. Are You A Morning Person Or A Night Owl?


18. What’s Your Most Relaxing Situation Like?


19. What Are People Often Surprised To Learn About You?


20. What Do You Like To Eat To Cheer Yourself Up?

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