sex scandal rocks IDP camp management

The women’s Rights advancement and protection alternative (WRAPA) has requested for urgent investigations and prosecution of all government officers accused of committing sexual abuses against females in Internally Displaced persons (IDP) camps within the northeast.

The Senior Program Coordinator, Mrs. Anisah Ari, made the call for the prosecution on Friday at a meeting with survivors of sexual abuses in Abuja.

according to her, most female victims of sexual abuses in the IDP camps are pressured into sex by camp attendants which include some security officers who request for intercourse in exchange for meals.

She stated, “those who’ve been sent out to defend these ladies and girls inside the IDP camps are clearly the perpetrators of sexual and gender-based violence, engaging these ladies in survival sex, where they give intercourse in demand for meals”.

The Federal government had enacted the Violence against person Prohibition Act, 2015 to punish offenders.

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