This Is Where It All Changes

    You are alive and active, the life of the party, full blood extrovert, with a squad, a good fashion sense, good sense of humor, a celebrity-like dm, weekends are always a rock and roll. There’s just always something to do; hang out, party, play games, the beach, the movies. Suddenly, right there between all of that cruise and lavishness, you catch knowledge that sets you on fire.

And BAM, your life changes!

You realize the need to be conscious of your life and cautious too. You understand the conditions for success, peace and joy, and it becomes impossible to live your old life. It will be very hard to adjust, but it is what it is. You just cannot know and shove that knowledge under the sheets. It is like suicide.

So you stay home studying while others are partying. It’s not pretty, yes. Every now and then, your mind wanders and you get pained but you’re glued down there, because your dream demands it. You have found a drive higher than your love for living wild.

It’s pushing and directing you. You stay indoors, planning out your dream, thinking out that big thing you are to be in the future and how to go about it. And when you do go out. It is action all the way like “Go Season” why? Because you jumped out compelled by purpose.

You were getting ideas all those times you seemed reserved. You were discovering yourself, your possibilities, jutting, building, expanding.

You didn’t stay home, or the library, or the w orkout area, or wherever because you are a loner that couldn’t fit in, or because you don’t have a nice outfit, or money to ride out and treat yourself to some wild, fun time. You are not staying home, sitting on your bed, watching a show and chewing on popcorn because your mood don’t feel right to go out, or because silence is your best buddy.

You do want to go out. It would be fun, crazy wild, remarkable! But you no more run your life on your youthful wildness but on obligation to your future.


This is the point you become seemingly mad to everybody around you.

What happened? Knowledge baby. Knowledge

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