“Teacher don’t teach me nonsense” says Dr @fimiletoks to Obasanjo on Twitter

Twitter and the whole social media atmosphere has been left a-buzzing after a personal message / letter was directed to the former president Olusegun Obasanjo, listing a major part of his history during and after his time in power. This was in response to a tweet by @premiumtimesng.

Quite explosive and interesting we believe! See full message below.

The End of Obasanjo’s Catalogue below:

Dr @fimiletoks takes Obasanjo to the cleaners, says “teacher don’t teach me nonsense”:

  1. Last kick of a dying horse. A toad doesn’t run in the afternoon..You are afraid, fear has overwhelmed you.
    You should have written this letter to yourself in 2003 and 2006 when we witnessed the worst elections in our history.
    🎵🎵Teacher don’t teach me nonsense🎵🎵 https://twitter.com/fimiletoks/status/1087113177446391811?s=19
  2. I am old enough to know who you are..
    2003 / 2007 was massively rigged, you were planning to turn Nigeria into a one-party state with Iwu. Let me remind you that you removed 3 sitting senate presidents, chased away 2 PDP chairmen, state of emergency in Plateau and Ekiti state.
  3. Through your cohorts you removed Ngige, Rasheed Ladoja, Fayose, Diepreye Alamieyeseigha..

You forcefully withheld Lagos state funds just because you couldn’t break Tinubu.

Murder of political opponents including a sitting Attorney General, Bola Ige, Harry Marshal, Chief Dikibo

  1. Chief Dikibo, Chief Ogbonaya Uche all of ANPP. The great Chuba Okadigbo, was attacked with teargasses, he died from the attack.

Should we talk about Zaki Biam? You wiped out 300 families, deployed amoured tanks with helicopter gunship against harmless civilians..

  1. You refused to apologise or acknowledge the evil perpetrated against the community, ignored the federal high court ruling to pay compensation to the victims of Zaki Biam..

Should we talk about Odi in Bayelsa? You made the place a ghost town till today they are yet to recover.

  1. Should we talk a out Massob? Peter Obi ordered a shoot at sight on Massob, it was your order..5000 of them went missing.
  1. You left Odi with just two buildings, a church and a bank..women, men and children.
  1. Why are you afraid? Your transcorp shares? Your Bells University which you miraculously acquired after leaving prison with less than 2000 naira in your pocket or the National library which was fraudulently acquired. Your farms was dead when you came out of prison..
  2. How did you revive it? What are your stakes in the oil and gas sector? Why are you crying so badly..

Letters upon letters to what effect? Would you have tolerated Saraki and Dogara in the National Assembly? You were despotic, you haunted your party members..

  1. Today INEC just confirmed that APC will not be on the ballot paper for Rivers and Zamfara state elections.
    Who born monkey? Would this happen with you as president?
    Why are you after Buhari? Are you afraid that his success will make you irrelevant after 8 years?
  2. PMB has achieved what you could achieve in your backyard..
    He has awarded the reconstruction of the road to your ota base. Are you not happy that a rail line will pass through Ogun state? Are you not happy that Lagos – Ibadan expressway will be completed by a Fulani man?
  3. Are you not happy that the Nigerian Airways workers you disengaged and the Biafran police officers you abandoned have now received their entitlement after several years? What is your grouse baba?

You are not happy that rice farmers are smiling to the bank in kebbi and ebonyi?

  1. You gave us GSM and killed Nitel…oh we have thanked you enough..

What else do you want? You want to disrupt and heat up the system..you want electoral violence by discrediting INEC because you are afraid of Buhari.

  1. Your letters are inconsequential because you cannot win in your local government. You formed a political party, you formed CUPP a coalition to destabilize PMB yet he is getting more popular.

You made your daughter a senator and a commisioner for Health..we did not complain..

  1. Who killed Bola Ige your Attorney General? Who killed Harry Marshall? How much did you spend on power? Are you afraid of a probe?

You cannot distort history, you are actually on the same page with Abacha..

Rest well in Ota and feed your chickens, Nigeria has moved past you..

  1. You complained about Boko haram but what happened when you visited the family of the leader? He was killed..by who and why?
  1. In 2015 you canvassed for a dialogue with sect, now you are singing a new tune. When you visited in 2011, you gave them money and gifts..you believed Boko haram was legitimate..
  1. During your tenure we had religious wars in the north, Bakassi and Egbesu boys running riot in the south east, beheading people in broad daylight. We had militancy in the south south..we had OPC in the south west..you jailed the Late Fasheun, ordered shoot at sight on OPC members
  2. What exactly is on your score card? Debt forgiveness and GSM..

Teacher don’t teach me nonsense..

  1. Someone just reminded me of the Ife/Modakeke war, Tiv / Jukun clash..
    Tales of horror all over the country during your reign..

Let me stop here..I hope this will be your last letter..

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