Women Dont Celebrate Themselves – NNEW President

Unite NNEW Summit

The NNEW 2018 Summit is scheduled for  the 11th and 12th of this month, we had an interview with the president of the cooperation and below is what she had to say.n 



Do You Agree That Only Few Women Break Grounds, Most Of Us Are Still going round even with the empowerment program , how many women from NNEW has broken grounds, and how does NNEW help to increase the percentage and kindly tell us the mode of operation of the micro finance bank.


I can’t say that because the way it is, it is run buy a new board,  we have representatives on the board and they give us feedback, but we started it and by CBN law they have to run their board

How do you Describe NNEW is a a cooperative society for women or a feminist society

No it not it, is a BMO (Business Membership Organization)


Ok as the name suggest, NNew, is it strictly business like in its operation or does it have a little bit of social club in it

It is strictly business however because we are women there are aspects of our lives that as we develop friendship with some people, you could get invited for something, in could celebrate you, you cant take that away we must learn to celebrate our achievements and celebrate ourselves, women we don’t celebrate ourselves we celebrate others, so at NNEW one of our aims is to celebrate each other, so within that scope there is a slight twist to it but we are strictly a business organization

Women in 9 to 5 jobs and are planning to be entrepreneurs what’s your advice to them

Well my advice will be simple first of all take your time and still stay where you are and begin to plan your exit, if you have the strength to jump you can but its not everybody that has that capacity, some people can jump all the way, some people they jump  and not make it and so my advice will be number one be calculative about your decision, there are steps to take, steps are like a women in conception be you conceive know the man you are going to be relating with and from the man there would be conception and the conception does not just happen there has to be sexual intercourse, and after conception you go into planning for the baby and from the delivery you now plan for nurturing , let me even break it into four quadrants  Conception, Planning, Delivery And Nurturing  that quadrant can work with business , first of all I want to do business  either I’m going to retire or I’m just tired of where I work your first conceive shat you want to do it must be divine and what you love, I have seen a lot of people retire and lose all their money and as a result they have high blood pressure and all kinds of sicknesses and the reason is because they did not go through the conception stage anything anyone brings to them they do, so id say don’t do what anybody brings, within that conception stage check it, try by the side and see if its something you are interested in, see if its something  you can do, you cant start a business and put someone else to run it for you it wont work, you have to sit there for it to grow, its just as if I give birth now and I give my child to someone else, once you are okay with it take the idea through planning stage, write the idea, go for trainings, get a business plan, put it together begin to prepare, it can take like a year or two depending on the level and the time you are willing to wait and then birth it,  birth the business, find a mentor, because when you are going through delivery you can’t deliver alone, find a mentor that will teach you the tips for the nurturing process , so if you are a 9 to 5 worker, you could be dissatisfied at this time, take it easy, take it one step at a time and if you have the grace to be able to jump why not, but we all have different levels and you must understand where you are and please don’t burn that money that you have take time and seek counsel and advise very well, look for a mentor talk to people so that like I call it you will not pay school fees, every entrepreneur pays school  fees  for learning the mistakes, we all lose money and you can be careful not to lose too much if  you have advisors  its important that you take that into consideration

Must All Women Be Entrepreneurs

Everyone will eventually be, yes in the end because you got to do something  eithr you are a social entrepreneur or you are a serial entrepreneur , one day you will stop working for someone and run your own, and it is also important that while you are where you are become a cooperate entrepreneur so that it will be easy for you to run your own when you start that’s my advice


Finally does every Woman on the Street Know about NNEW and What IS Your Awareness Strategy 

Well every woman on the street doesn’t know about NNEW, the women that we are looking for are women that are in business and we are attracting them and we are trying to build our equity to attract more so we are gaining millage and major NGO’s know us majority of the BMO’s know us through our parent body NEA international agencies know us, but we intend to build more equity in respect to that and we call on you (the Press) to help us.

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