I need you to understand you are competing globally.
Yes u might be the best in your family. But hey there is a community awaiting you, come out of your house.
Yes, you might be the best in that city but there is a whole country out there, come out.
You might be top in your country but a continent awaits you on the outside. Move out.
Go ahead beat the continent and come face the world. Your fight, your hustle is global. The world is involved. Stop thinking small. Small thoughts births small action.
You see some of us limit ourselves because we don’t see beyond our environment. We are confined by our little thoughts. Little do we know the world is waiting for us and if we do not realize it fast, we will never get there.
Listen to me..think BIG 
If you are going to breakthrough you need to think through. Get creative.
The best the best the best. You have to be the best. Beat your chest, bring out the beast. Bring out that gorilla, devil defying energy.
Give the world a taste of your uniqueness. You are a creature of dominance. God created you to dominate.
Common move out!

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