Max Verstappen released from hospital after high-speed Lewis Hamilton collision

After hitting the Silverstone barriers in an impact that measured 51G on the opening lap of Sunday’s race, the Red Bull driver walked away from the incident and was checked over in the circuit medical center. He was then taken to Coventry hospital for further assessment and was released on Sunday night.

“We are pleased to confirm that Max was released from hospital at 22:00 this evening, following a thorough medical examination, without any major injuries,” said a Red Bull statement.

“Max and the Team would like to thank the trackside Marshalls and medical staff for their exceptional care both on-site at Silverstone and at Coventry Hospital.”

Posting a selfie in which he was smiling next to his father, Jos, Verstappen tweeted: “Cleared from the hospital after all the checks were ok. Thank you to everyone for all the nice messages and best wishes.”

In an earlier post on social media, Verstappen had criticized Hamilton for the collision, describing the world champion’s driving as “dangerous”. He also claimed Hamilton had displayed “disrespectful and unsportsmanlike behavior” in his celebrations after winning the race.

Hamilton sends best wishes to Verstappen | ‘I will always race hard but always fairly’

Hamilton was not initially aware after the race that Verstappen had been sent to hospital and, once told of the latest situation, sent his own best wishes to the Dutchman and said he would message his rival privately.

Stewards ruled that the seven-time world champion had been “predominantly at fault” for causing accident, although Hamilton did not agree with the verdict. He also did not feel he had anything to apologize for.

“At the end of the day I’ve not really seen the footage. I saw a quick clip of it when I went back to the garage but I naturally will go back and have time to reflect on it,” said …