49ers beat Cowboys as time expires on Dallas’ comeback attempt

Down 6 with 14 seconds remaining, the Cowboys couldn’t stop the clock after a Prescott run to the middle of the field. An official bumped Prescott trying to get the ball set, which threw Prescott off as he rushed to spike it. Time ran out and the Cowboys’ season was over.

Video Transcript

 You need someone, San Francisco, to get to the quarterback here.

 Prescott takes off, running the football. Whoa, I don’t think this is going to work out!

 It will. They’ll be able to clock this. They were planned for it. It’s [? downtown. ?] Oh my gosh.

 The official gets in the way. The game’s over! The game is over.

 Oh, he did!

 Oh, they’re going to look at this.

It’s, it’s going to be over because the umpire has to touch the ball. Of course, that’s ridiculous for a game to end like that, Jim. Wow. I am livid, if I’m a Cowboy fan. And if I’m a Niner fan.

 That’s the end of the game.

 The game is over! The game is over. And San Francisco survives and advances.

 You called it. It was risky. They had time. Dak’s supposed to go. But you’re not supposed to go past 10 or 12 yards.

 Remember we saw this, on the play after the fake punt? The same scenario, where the umpire got in the way?

 He has to touch it, though.


 Dak doesn’t realize this. These guys don’t realize, he has to touch the ball.

 Gene Steratore, your take.

 You guys were all over it, Jim. You and Tony are all over it. The umpire, an official, has to touch the football after it’s set down to start the next play.

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