How Hennessy is keeping the Rap culture alive in Nigeria

From the likes of Junior and Pretty, to Weird MC’s Allen Avenue, to Rap cliques such as Thoro BredsRuffRugged and RawTrybesmen, and stand-alone artistes like Nigga RawCyrus Tha Virus and Black Masqueradaz from the late 90s.

This also gave rise to more rappers like RuggedmanModenineTerry Tha RapmanSixFootPlus and Pherowshuz of the early 2000s, and the genre has continued to grow stronger especially with the infusion of indigenous elements atypical of the Rap styles of the late Dagrin, and Phyno.

However, Rap music wasn’t always celebrated in Nigeria. In the era of the 80s when the genres of Highlife, Fuji and Juju music were mainstream, the emergence of Rap music in Nigeria was like a fish out of water.

Research shows that Rap music made a debut in the Nigerian music industry in the 70s with Ibrahim Salim Omari, a member of a defunct American music group Sugar Hill gang, was exiled to Nigeria.

His style of Rap was not highly acknowledged due to the existing music genres of the 70s, but with time, Rap music became a more accepted genre in the Nigerian music scene and grew to develop a unique personality of its own.

Many platforms have helped promote the art form that is Rap music in Nigeria. From Sprite Triple Slam which combined the edginess of a Rap battle with basketball and dance, to Coke Studio. However, none of these platforms have been able to hold their own like Hennessy, which is the embodiment of urban and pop culture in Nigeria.

Hennessy, through the Hennessy Artistry platform celebrates urban lifestyle which identifies with the distinguished edginess that is Nigerian Rap. The focus of the brand on Rap music is due to the genre’s association with urban culture, and because it is one of the quadruple touchpoints (Deejaying, Rapping, Graffiti and B-boying) of Hip-Hop.

The platform was launched to celebrate the best of musical talent, spur the growth of