BBNaija 2021 finale: Whitemoney wins the ‘Shine Ya Eye’ season

The long anticipated season finale is finally here after 10 weeks of an arguably entertaining show with finalists Whitemoney, Liquorose, Angel, Cross and Pere.

Made Kuti kicked off the finale show with a pack-punching performance from the fan park in Lekki. Interestingly, the center was filled with a physical audience, a first since the pandemic. Right after Kuti’s thrilling performance, Big Brother gave the finalists an emotional speech and it was straight on to business from there.

The first finalist to be evicted was surprisingly the veto power holder of the season and one part of the Emmarose ship, Emmanuel.

Angel’s eviction followed closely. The 21-year-old who won fans over for her free-spirited nature was the second finalist to exit the show.

After a thrilling performance from ex-BBN housemate Avala, Ebuka announced the eviction of another fan-favourite housemate Cross leaving the top three of the season- Whitemoney, Liquorose and Pere.

The second runner-up of the season predictably turned out to be the General himself and the king of the Patriots, Pere. The 36-year-old had an intriguing run on the show from joining as a wild card to his spot in the finals getting nearly lost to Angel.

And to the moment fans anticipated all night. With the strongest contenders finally toe-to-toe, the season finale was certainly unlike the previous season where the winner, Laycon was predictable weeks ahead.

Speaking of the previous season, Laycon’s performance preceded performances from Lojay, Ajebo Hustlers and the biggest announcement of the night confirming Whitemoney as the winner of the ‘Shine Ya Eye’ season.

Whitemoney won the season in a landslide victory scooping 47% of viewers votes. Liquorose came second place with 22.99% of votes.

BBNaija 2021: Pere reveals how he intends to spend N90 million prize

‘Shine Ya Eye’ housemate, Pere has disclosed how he intends to utilize the prize money should he emerge winner of the season.

Pere, in a chat with Biggie on Tuesday, revealed that he hopes to invest heavily in giving back to the society and is currently considering setting up a charity organization.

“I’ll find ways and avenues to give back to society; give back to the people who made it possible and just all around, be a blessing to humanity. I’m thinking about NGOs and different things in my head as well, to help me achieve that goal.” the housemate said.

In the heart to heart session with Big Brother, the 36-year-old former US soldier revealed that he hopes to help raise awareness for Asthma in children as he battled the ailment as a child until he turned 22.

“I was six months old when I started suffering from asthma and I had it up until I was 22. So as someone that suffered from asthma for 22 years, I’ll set something up to help people who are suffering from that as well. Sounds like a lot but I’m sure I can do it. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do,” he said.

Meanwhile, Pere won himself a brand new car on Tuesday from one of the final sponsored games. Recall the housemate almost missed a shot at the finals after Big Brother introduced a game twist that saw him compete alongside Angel for a spot even though he won over 20% of fan votes.

BBNaija 2021: Queen, Nini & Saga have been evicted

The semi-final lap of the ‘Shine Ya Eye’ season kicked off with yet another major prank, this time with viewers none the wiser at least for a few minutes.

Show host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu left fans of Pere stunned after announcing the housemate’s eviction. Minutes later, Ebuka confirmed that Pere was evicted from the house and not the game.

The first real eviction of the show was later confirmed to be Queen. Having had an impressive run, the now ex-housemate revealed she will be going head-on into governance.

Shortly after Queen’s eviction announcement, Ebuka confirmed Nini as the second housemate to be officially evicted from the show. For her eviction chat, the ex-housemate spoke about her triangle relationship with Saga and her much talked about boyfriend.

The third housemate to officially exit the show turned out to be Saga which may not come as a surprise for followers of the show. In a second and final twist, Ebuka announced the eviction of housemate Angel.

A look at how fans voted:

Both Angel and Pere will be moved to a separate location in the house for another major ‘Shine Ya Eye’ move. The housemates were moved to the White room and issued what Big Brother described as the most intense games of their lives. The game of trucks and screws will afford one housemate an opportunity to join the house as the fifth finalist.

BBNaija 2021: Saga shares reason he is displeased at Nini’s return

‘Shine Ya Eye’ housemate, Saga has maintained his displeasure at his love interest Nini’s return following Big Brother’s exit prank.

The housemate made the revelation on Thursday in a chat with co-housemate Pere. He revealed that the prank forced him to display strong emotions on live television.

“I’m happy to see her but I’m still angry. I’m not happy because I even felt genuine emotions, I can’t lie. I’m not happy that I had to just display such emotions on TV like that, for nothing. That’s why I just shut up my mouth. I didn’t want to talk too much,” Saga said

In response, Pere detailed how he felt about the prank. “At some point, I knew it was a prank not until Whitemoney started talking about fake housemates, I bought it.

“If Nini was a fake housemate, I would have enrolled in a psychiatric hospital. Somebody I’ve been talking to 24/7 and for 8 weeks, I won’t know that person is fake? I didn’t even buy that one for one second.”

“So she has been playing me from the very beginning? Because I’m now a fool, I don’t have sense?” Saga responded.

Since Nini’s return from from her prank exile, Saga has expressed mixed emotions. Recall that the housemate was an emotional wreck following Nini’s exit. Several attempts to pacify him turned futile

BBNaija 2021: Biggie exposes Saga & Nini’s late night gossip about Pere [Video]

It appears Big Brother is in a payback mood going by his jaw-dropping Thursday evening revelation exposing Saga and Nini.

In a brief meeting with the housemates, Biggie played a video featuring both housemates tittle-tattling about co-housemate Pere. The conversation which was made in hushed tones hinted on Saga and Nini making disparaging comments about Pere.

Watch the video:

After the video, Big Brother announced that the housemates had been found guilty of microphone infringement as the late night conversation saw them use hush tones. Shortly after calling out their offence, Biggie issued them strikes.

While this will be Nini’s first strike since the show kicked off, Saga has earned his second. A third strike will get the housemates instantly disqualified from the game.

Meanwhile, fans have reacted to Biggie’s video revelation, labelling it as his way of getting back at Saga for failing his prank task.

Recall the housemate was quick to rat Biggie out on Wednesday when he confessed to Nini that Biggie had put him up on a prank task.

BBNaija 2021: Pere finally shares details of microphone strike conversation with Maria

It’s been two weeks since Maria’s exit but it appears that the housemates can’t seem to get over her at least not former love interest Pere.

In a recent truth or dare game, the housemate shared details of the Saturday night microphone infringement that finally led to Biggie issuing them strikes.

According to Pere, Maria had forced him to take off his microphone to ask him for sex.

“Maria told me to make love to her,” Pere shared with housemates.

Recall that Maria had asked Pere to take off his mic for a brief conversation against Biggie’s instructions on whispering.

Interestingly, Maria has repeatedly debunked claims by the former US soldier that they had shared any form of intimacy especially ones made by Pere involving intense smooching.

During the first week of her media rounds, she claimed that she would never have gotten to that point had she stayed longer in the house.

Meanwhile, other housemates are on to building new triangles and strengthening existing ships. With the exit of Michael, it appears Jackie B has turned to the ever loving arms of the house’s daddy figure Whitemoney. Needless to say that the latest closeness means trouble to the male housemate’s current sweetheart Queen. The beauty queen recently warned Whitemoney about the closeness which makes her uncomfortable.

BBNaija 2021: Pere, Saga, Liquorose, Emmanuel, Jackie B, Jaypaul, Saskay & Whitemoney up for eviction

With only a few more weeks to the finale, eight housemates have been nominated for possible eviction.

In a surprising new twist, Biggie announced nominations hours before the head of house game. The new twist also spotted a change in immunity process that priory allowed the HOH instant immunity.

For the week, Pere, Saga, Liquorose, Emmanuel, Whitemoney, Saskay, former heads of house Jackie B and Jaypaul are up for possible eviction. Any of the nominated housemate who wins the Head of House games automatically earns their immunity. Unsurprisingly for most, Pere and Saga emerged the most nominated with four and five votes respectively.

Here is a look at how the housemates voted:

Angel: Emmanuel and Saga

Emmanuel: Yousef and Jackie B

Cross: Saga and Liquorose

Pere: Angel and Whitemoney

Queen: Saskay and Pere

Saga: Jackie B and Jaypaul

Liquorose: Saga and Cross

Whitemoney: Saga and Saskay

Nini: Pere and Jaypaul

Jaypaul: Nini and Pere

Jackie B: Pere and Saga

Saskay: Whitemoney and Liquorose

Yousef: Emmanuel and Queen

BBNaija 2021: Whitemoney found out I was the wild card from a chaperone – Pere

Pere has explained the reason for his seemingly irrational targeting of co-housemate Whitemoney.

During a conversation organized by HOH Maria to mediate the housemates following their heated argument, Pere accused Whitemoney of getting information that he was a wildcard from one of the show’s crew who acted as Whitemoney’s chaperone.

He explained that this influenced his beef with Whitemoney and led to last week’s strategic move.

This will not be the first time Pere has accused Whitemoney of being privy to exclusive information before the season commenced. He has repeatedly claimed to have proof of this ignoring the possible repercussions.

The housemates nearly got to fisticuffs early Tuesday morning after Pere pulled his belt during a confrontation with Whitemoney. Whitemoney and other housemates perceived his action to be an intimidation tactic.

BBNaija 2021: Arin, Princess have been evicted from the game

The show has come to an end for some of the nominated housemates this week. Before the evictions, show host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu touched based with some of the housemates, highlighting issues from the week.

With PereEbuka questioned his eviction of Whitemoney from kitchen duties especially on why he felt the supposed monopoly was a strategy.

Arin’s eviction was the first to be announced on the Sunday live eviction show. Recall the fashion designer and arts collector was nominated alongside Saskay, Tega, Princess, Nini and Emmanuel.

The next housemate and final housemate to exit the show this week was Princess. Princess surprisingly stopped the housemates from giving her a farewell hug. She also announced her all time crush in the house was Cross not Whitemoney as she had persistently shared.

BBNaija 2021: Housemates Maria & Queen clash over Pere

New ‘Shine Ya Eye’ housemate Queen has wasted no time in getting into her first dramatic episode in the house.

The housemate recently fell out with new deputy head of house, Maria. Things heated up between the ladies after Maria made a snide comment about Queen being in the house for two days and claiming to know Pere enough to comment about his personality.

In an attempt to express her displeasure at Maria, the ladies got into a heated exchange that caught the attention of the housemates.

Watch the video:

The past few days has seen multiple gbas gbos sessions among the housemates. A few hours ago, Sammie and Angel got into a session where she alleged Sammie slut shamed her over a truth or dare game.

BBNaija 2021: Pere says he is over crush on Maria

The anticipated Maria and Pere ship has crumbled before it got a fighting chance. Despite turning down his advances multiple times, Pere had tried to remain resolute in his pursuit of his fellow wildcard. It turns out the US military housemate is all burnt out as he recently revealed to co-housemate Beatrice that he was no longer attracted to Maria.

In the conversation shared on Thursday, Pere claimed that while he was once attracted to Maria, he was over it due to her continued resistance.

The day hasn’t been the best for Maria after she threw a mild tantrum. Grossed out by a conversation about toilets between Angel and Niyi, Maria trashed her breakfast in the sink.

Big Brother Naija: Biggie reveals two house wildcards

Biggie has revealed who the wildcards are in the sixth edition of the Big Brother Reality show: Pere and Maria.

Biggie made the revelation in the course of the day on Thursday during a diary room session.

The two wildcards are fake housemates who will be allowed to compete for the reality show’s prize if not identified by other housemates this weekend.

Both Pere and Maria are aware of their personal status in the house, but are unaware of each others’ status.

Maria was particularly surprised to find out there was another Wildcard in the House during her conversation with Biggie in the Diary Room.

Upon being asked by Biggie if she knew who it was, she correctly guessed Pere.

She was bothered that she had to lie and maintain a front with the other Housemates but she was confident she pulled it off.

Pere was happy when told there is another wildcard and he guessed it was either Maria or Nini.…