BBNaija 2021: Jackie B says she’s cut all ties with Michael

Another potential love ship in the ‘Shine Ya Eye’ season has unfortunately sailed just weeks after it began showing potential.

The Jackie B and Michael ship recently hit an iceberg (Angel) a few days ago with Jackie B confronting the new housemate about his association with the female housemate. Recall their conversation left viewers glued to the screens on Saturday night after the housemates’ DJ Xclusive hosted party.

Early Thursday morning, the former love interests repeatedly walked past each other without exchanging pleasantries. Hours later, Jackie B told Yousef that she had decided to keep her distance following Michael’s continued association with Angel which she found disrespectful.

Watch a clip:

During the housemates’ diary sessions on Wednesday, Maria shared her thoughts on Angel’s closeness to Michael despite knowing Jackie B had marked him since he got on the show. The week’s HOH also noted that she felt uncomfortable with Angel wielding her seductiveness as a weapon over the male housemates.

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