Best Brothers, Sisters and Twins in Sports

1. Manning Brothers
Peyton Manning, QB, Retired (45)
Eli Manning, QB, New York Giants (41)

Archie and Olivia’s boys — you know, Cooper’s younger brothers — are still the standard. Both Peyton and Eli are former No. 1 overall picks, Super Bowl MVPs and Saturday Night Live hosts.

2. Williams Sisters
Venus Williams, Tennis (41)
Serena Williams, Tennis (39)

Everyone thought Richard was the craziest cook in Compton, Calif., when he was training Venus and Serena. Everyone still thinks he’s a loon, but his unorthodox style resulted in a pair of champions.

3. Gasol Hermanos
Pau Gasol, C, Barcelona (41)
Marc Gasol, C, Los Angeles Lakers (36)

The Spanish 7-footers were traded for each other back when Pau was an All-Star and Marc was his baby-fatted kid brother. Times have changed. Pau is on the trade block and Marc is the All-Star.

24. Curry Brothers
Stephen Curry, G, Golden State Warriors (33)
Seth Curry, G, 76ers (31)

Dell’s sons inherited their old man’s 3-point stroke but mom Sonya is the real star.

5. Staal Brothers
Eric Staal, C, Carolina Hurricanes (35)
Marc Staal, D, New York Rangers (35)
Jordan Staal, C, Carolina Hurricanes (33)
Jared Staal, RW, Charlotte Checkers (31)

Quantity outweighs quality with these Thunder Bay, Ontario, thunder-stick clappers.

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