Adele talks about Amy Winehouse, almost not releasing her new album ’30,’ her divorce and more

On November 17, 2021, popular English singer-songwriter, Adele joined Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 to unpack her highly anticipated fourth studio album, 30. 

Adele Tells Apple Music About Initially Wanting To Release ’30’ Earlier…

I wanted it to come out last year, obviously. And, when I drunkedly announced it at my best friend’s wedding on the stage. Expect my album in September, to a room full of people I don’t f***ing know. But, I wouldn’t know I’d be announcing it to everyone that already pretty much knew anyway. Who the f**k did I think I was? It would’ve been done by then. I hadn’t done the orchestras yet.

And, I hadn’t finalized all of my BVs and stuff like that. But, it would have, had the world not shut down. And, it’s such an integral piece to my life story over the last few years, that I wanted it to come out. Because, when it does come out, it’s the final door closing on that chapter of my life. So, it feels like it’s dragged out for me a little bit.

Adele Tells Apple Music About Losing and Regaining Her Connection With Her Own Music…

I don’t think there’s any expectation of sincerity left in music from artists. And, I believe that artists are sincere. And, I think to be an artist, like an actual artist, it comes from deep within us.

And, it’s a necessity that we have to put it out. And, I don’t just mean being an artist as a singer or a writer. It could be a painter. It could be a photographer. It could be a chef, an architect. Someone that’s creating something. And, I just feel like it’s just a transaction now. And, that’s not why I got into music.

It’s just not my vibe. But, I’m not in it long enough at a time for it to really take me off of music at all. If I was doing this every year, I mean, I’d just be a zombie I think. But,

Tems talks about Drake, new album, her mom and more as her ‘Interference’ perfomance goes viral on social media

On Monday, September 20, 2021, Nigerian singer, Tems appeared on Hot 97‘s Ebro In The Morning, to discuss with Laura Stylez and Ebro Darden – who also works for Apple Music.

After some humorous reluctance during the chat, she admits that her rise has been meteoric. She also spoke about her mom’s reaction to her current success.

When she was asked about ‘Fountains‘ featuring Drake, she says, “Drake played me a beat and he was like, “Would you hop on this?”

“I was like, “Yeah, of course.” And that was basically how it went. That song was recorded [virtually]. I recorded my part in Nigeria.

When she appeared on Africa Now Radio with Lootlove, she says that, “Honestly, it’s unbelievable, literally. When I said I wanted to work with Drake, I just said it. I wasn’t thinking about it. I used to listen to Drake all the time when I was in high school and growing up and it was just the first thing that came to my mind.

“And for me to actually meet him, work with him, it’s just crazy. It’s crazy and that’s a full testament to God’s blessings, honestly. I can’t quantify how grateful I am, because it’s not anything I did, I’m just making music. And it just seems like I’m attracting all these people and I’m just so grateful honestly.

She also spoke about her EP, IF ORANGE WAS A PLACE and how it would be different from her album.

She says, “The album is going to be a different thing, definitely. I don’t do the same… I’m someone who likes to do new things all the time.. I have so many experiences that I need to release through my songs. Definitely all new…

On the EP title

When Tems spoke with Lootlove, she says that, “First of all, orange is my favourite fruit. And if you find a very sweet orange and you really dig into it, it’s just busting with brightness and like

Wizkid talks about his new album and working with Tems

On September 15, 2021, Nigerian superstar, Wizkid did a feature for GQ, on which he was described as the “king of Afro-pop.”

During the lengthy conversation, during which he spoke about his Surulere, Lagos origins as well as his boy band, he spoke about how he likes to work on songs as albums. He spoke about how he went to Ghana to record a new album.

I am working on a new album, but I never like to be, like, in a rush,” Wizkid says. “Sometimes it takes me a year, two years, to make an album. I always record in terms of albums, not just songs. I like to make music that way, because it gives you a sense of direction.”

“Well, in the next album, I’m just trying to enjoy myself with the music now, because of the reception from the fans for my last album,” he continues. I just keep evolving with the sound.”

The writer of the piece then wrote that, “Before Made in Lagos—his latest album and the one pushing him to new heights—was released, Wiz had hinted that the follow-up would be his last “as Wizkid,” though whether this might mean full-on retirement, or simply a change of name, is impossible information to extract from him.

“In fact, guessing the concept of his next and possibly last album has become the favorite pastime of just about every Afrobeats commentator, with Wiz in the eye of the storm.”

How Wizkid met Tems

Wizkid told GQ that, “I love meeting new artists. When I’m in a room with a new artist, it feels like, Oh, my God. It feels like I’m right there when the magic is just about to take off and take form. It’s so exciting to me.

“When I get in the room with a new artist, it’s like you’re learning from me, I’m learning from you. I even get more excited getting in the room with new artists than my peers or my friends that I

‘Power’ star Rotimi talks about relationship with Vanessa Mdee, says she made him see the tunnel vision

Hollywood actor and singer Rotimi has revealed how his relationship with his now-fiancee, Vanessa Mdee.

The ‘Power’ star made this known during a chat with Angie Martinez Show on Power 105.1.

Being engaged feels like a mixture of everything. I was tired of being in the streets. I had a good time…but like I got tired of it and she just literally made me have tunnel vision. I never had that,” he said.

“I was always just moving. But that was just like slow down, this is serious. You need to respect it. Six days after we met, we went through our phones and deleted any other love interests that were there before.”

Rotimi proposed to Mdee back in December 2020 at a very colorful ceremony.

They made their relationship public back in 2019.

The ‘Power’ actor hinted to everyone about their relationship after he posted a photo of himself and Mdee all loved up.

Interestingly, after the photo went viral, Mdee confirmed their relationship during an interview.

Burna Boy says he will pick Nasty C over almost any American rapper in new video

During the conversation, Burna Boy was keen to clarify to his interviewer that Africa is more than Afrobeats. He said, “Yeah, everything is not afrobeats. Nasty C is a rapper. And because he’s from Africa now, you’re going to say afrobeats? Nah, he’s a rapper. Brah, I’ll put my money on Nasty C over almost any American rapper.

His interviewer also agrees that Africa is more than Afrobeats. You can watch the conversation below: